Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I have really been taken by my passion for photography and I started this blog to share everything I have learned along the way. There is so much to know and learn that I believe that you can never really know it ALL. That’s why I choose to share what I know and learn with everyone as it can only make all of us better people in addition to better photographers.

As a photographer, I consider myself a semi-professional. Yes, I have been paid for several shoots but photography isn’t my full-time job. I have a career as a technical management professional for a company that is all things optics.  It affords me a lot of things (including my gear) and the opportunity to travel to different places and (hopefully) make some amazing pictures.

I have traveled all over the Country and the World. I have seen some amazing things and experienced quite a bit. I currently reside in New York with my wonderful wife and three beautiful kids. (You’ve seen some pictures of them in my posts. It’s my fatherly duty to brag.) Feel free to say hi if you would like and I always welcome comments and criticism. Hey, it’s what makes us better! I look forward to hearing from you wish you all the best!