Assignment: Covering A Deployment


At first I thought this was going to come about back in July of this year, but things have worked out a little differently.  Tomorrow I am heading out for a six month deployment aboard the USS Sterett (DDG 104).  Part of my duties involve being the Assistant Public Affairs Officer and Command Photographer.  I will be extremely busy working on projects like the cruise book and other media-related items.

I am looking forward to the trip, although I will miss my family and friends terribly.  It’s hard to beat getting paid to travel the world, take photos, and shoot video.

I hope to visit some great places (some of which I have been to before, and some I haven’t) and be able to experience new things and get some great photographic opportunities.

That being said, the blog here will be a little scarce over the next several months.  I will update when I can, but it will only be when I am in port and able to get WiFi somewhere.  I will post images and experiences of how some of the gear I use has held up.

Thank you to all my readers and I hope that you enjoy sharing in my travels and adventures until I’m back at home again.

All the best,



3 thoughts on “Assignment: Covering A Deployment

    • Hi Marci,

      I haven’t had a chance to update yet – hopefully I will soon! Internet at sea and in some of these countries we have been visiting is nothing like what we’re used to having at home in the U.S.

      All the best,


  1. Stephen,

    We are all looking forward to your updates upon your return. I am curious to see (being retired military) how much we will be able to see. Understandably the PA will no doubt decide what gets released to the public, but I bet you had an amazing experience. These opportunities are far and few between nowadays. Hopefully the story will be how much has to be done to protect our country, help others in need, and the amazing job the sailors do so we can sleep good at night. Thanks again for sharing with us.


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