Friday Photography Roundup


Friday is here and I’ve rounded up some of the interesting things that I came across this week.  Check ’em all out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Workshop News

On the workshop front, I’ve got a workshop coming up right here in San Diego on October 2, 2010.  This will be a 1-day portrait photography workshop and I’ll cover the same material that I cover in the 2-day workshop, but I’ve condensed it for those who have a little more experience and want to work in the studio and on location.  We’ll be using studio strobes and speedlights for our lighting setups, and I’ll even show you how to properly set up and shoot on a white seamless background.  It’s going to be a full day of shooting and working and we’ll wrap it all up with post production and talking about photography as a vocation.  And since it’s only a one day course, I’ve reduced the price to $150.00 and it even includes lunch!  Here’s the link to my workshop website where you can read more and sign up!  There are only 15 spots available, so be sure to reserve yours soon!

Great Finds This Week

Here are some of the cool things that I discovered:

  • Brian Haferkamp has a pretty cool blog called Shooting in Manual.  Brian shares cool tips and tricks for getting out of automatic mode on your DSLR and working in Manual.  Here’s the link.
  • Kathleen Clemons, a photographer based on the Maine coast, wrote a cool article about photographing spider webs!  I have yet to see anything like it and it’s certainly worth checking out!  Here’s the link.
  • If you currently shoot HDR photos (or even if you would like to) Nik Software has announced their new plug-in called HDR Efex Pro and it’s due to ship in October of this year.  It looks very promising and I’m sure that it’s going to give programs like Photomatix Pro and Topaz Adjust a run for their money!  Here’s the link.
  • For the latest and greatest with what’s happening with Adobe Lightroom, be sure to check out Wade Heninger’s most recent edition of Lightroom Tuesday which is packed full of great stuff about all things Lightroom.  Here’s the link.
  • Nikon and Canon both announced new gear this week.  My advice?  Don’t worry about gear.  Concentrate on your craft and your vision and forget about the new gear for now.  (Unless of course you have to replace something, then by all means…)
  • My buddy Don Giannatti over at Lighting Essentials has been hosting a live video show on Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific.  He talks about all things pertaining to photography and making a living in this business.  I highly suggest you check out this show!  Here’s the link to his blog where you can watch the show!

That’s it for this week folks.  Don’t forget to check out my San Diego workshop if you’re going to be in Southern California and would like to learn more about portrait photography.  I hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to backup your photos!


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