Playing Around With Sound

Being an owner of a Nikon D90 has enticed me slowly into the world of HDDSLR video. I have toyed around with it mostly, but as I continually work to make my photography better I have also done the same (at a much slower pace) with HD video and my D90. One of the components of a great video is great audio. And if you don’t know already, while the built-in mics in todays HDDSLRs are ok, they aren’t going to come close to providing great audio.

So I picked up a Zoom H2 personal audio recorder to help out. From the little bit of testing that I’ve done already, I am VERY impressed. I will have more to follow and you can expect a full post including some audio comparisons in the near future. Working with what’s known as a “double system” is a little trickier, but the end result is very worth the effort.

Photo above courtesy of Samson International.


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