How To Whiten Teeth in Aperture 3.0

A reader of the blog (Linda) asked if I could explain how to whiten teeth in Apple’s Aperture 3.0, and rather than type out a lengthy explanation I thought I would just do a quick video tutorial.  So check out the 3:23 video below for my method of making teeth look their best while using Aperture 3.0.  And while I’m at it, if you would like to see a specific technique (photography, Lightroom, Photoshop, or otherwise) please leave your suggestions in the comments or send an e-mail my way with your request(s).  Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “How To Whiten Teeth in Aperture 3.0

  1. I brush in Black and White to whiten teeth, adjust the each channel accordingly to increase or decrease the whiteness.

  2. Great tips,, Stephen. THank you for sharing. I was using dodge but did not realize I could tone it down with the slide bar afterwards for that perfect level.

  3. The video is up and live both on the blog and on YouTube. Are you on a network that is behind a firewall that has YouTube blocked? That would be the only thing that I can foresee that would prevent you from viewing the video.



  4. Great tip, thanks.

    But it doesn’t seem to work so well for me if the teeth are a bit yellowish to start with? Whats the right way to deal with them?!

  5. It’s probably just my stupidity but this method doesn’t work for me, as much as i try it just changes the shade of yellow to the teeth. Therefore i used the “Saturation” brush and changed the level of saturation according the required tone, works like a charm :]

  6. I think the title of this article is a little misleading. While this technique certainly “brightens” the teeth, it doesn’t “whiten” them. They are still slightly yellow. Removing the yellow stain is just as simple, but I do what Daniel (above) suggested: Use the Saturation Quick Brush and then dial down the slider to attain a natural level of whiteness. I find that a .70-.80 level is just about right. Any more than that and they teeth start to look grey instead of white.

    The great thing about the Saturation brush is the ability to easily see the areas affected by the brush as its default value is greater than 1.0, so it dramatically saturates the yellowed teeth until you then go back and turn down the slider to taste.

    Nice video!

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