Have You Seen My Assistant?

Having an assistant is very helpful while you’re shooting… especially when they don’t say a word. Ok, so I don’t really have an ACTUAL assistant, but I do have a furry little duck that accompanies my on my photo adventures.

My wife actually encouraged me to get one, but the little guy pictured above is a super-cool plush toy created from the main character of Aaron Johnson’s What The Duck cartoon. He’s fun to take along and photograph in strange and interesting places and there’s even a gallery on the WTD website where proud owners can showcase the photos of their own plush toy.

On a slightly more serious note, he does come in quite handy though. If I need someone to model while I set up my lighting or the shot itself, he’s willing to help out. In the shot above, I wanted to see how the ambient exposure would affect a subject’s face in the given setting. I already knew the exposure (think Sunny 16 rule), but if I wanted to underexpose the background a little I needed to know how the direct sun was going to affect my subject. Without having to put a model in the shot and have them move around a bunch, I could simply put my duck assistant in place and see the results.

Now I’m not saying that you have to surf over and buy one of these handsome little devils, but if you’re like me and like geeky photography stuff then be my guest! He doesn’t each much, but I stopped off to feed him at Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood after a newborn shoot this weekend. C’mon, an assistant’s gotta eat too!


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