Napa Workshop Highlights

I just got back from Napa, CA this past weekend and a great workshop! I had a great time teaching portrait photography to the participants they all had a great time learning too. I really enjoy teaching others about photography and lighting, and sharing everything that I know.

Napa was a great location for a workshop and an excellent spot for photography. The countryside is gorgeous and full of lush, green foliage which is quite a change from the desert and brown tones found around San Diego. I took the opportunity to go out and shoot a bit, to capture some of the scenery that I was taking in while I was there.

The workshop participants got some great shots too, which I will be sharing with you soon. It’s exciting to see people pick up on the techniques and put them to use, so I’m looking forward to showing you what they learned.

Until then, here’s a few images from my collection:

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and had the chance to get out and shoot. I know a few of you even picked up some new gear this weekend too! Have a great week!


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