Lightroom or Aperture – That Is My Question

I’ve been going through a little struggle over which software I’m going to settle in on to manage, edit, and deliver my images. I have been using Lightroom for the past 3 years and I’ve been playing around with Apple’s Aperture 3 for a few weeks now. Both are equally impressive and I enjoy using each of them.

They both have strong and weak points, but Lightroom 3 Beat 2 is still that – BETA. Who knows where Adobe will be with the application once the dust settles from the arrival of Aperture 3. Right now, Aperture 3 has a leg up on LR3 because you can edit video in Aperture. Lightroom 3 will import and organize it, but you can’t natively view it or edit it – a huge issue considering the HD DSLR revolution that is ongoing.

LR3 brings about a familiar interface, familiar keyboard commands, and it’s tailored to my current workflow. Aperture 3 is not. There are a few things that may push me to one side – and it’s looking like it will be Lightroom 3. Once I’ve made my final decision I will post my reasons why along with the differences that I notice most between the two applications. Until then, let my personal struggle continue. 🙂

Napa, CA Workshop – May 30-31, 2010
As a quick side note, I’m going to be teaching a portrait photography workshop in Napa, California on May 30-31, 2010. If you live up that way or just would like to come out for the workshop, you can get all the details on my workshop website and hopefully I will see you there.

I hope everyone has a great week and had a Happy Easter weekend!


9 thoughts on “Lightroom or Aperture – That Is My Question

  1. I am a software developer at Apple and thus have been asking the same question for years now. I hate to admit it but I am still a LR user. Speed and flexibility are very important to me and I think that LR wins hands down.

    I’ve been using the LR beta for some time now and I seriously can’t see switching back to Aperture anytime soon.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • I have been using LR since the initial beta 2 testing, and while I find it to have problems, I can’t imagine a day I’d ever consider using AP3 for any serious editing and file tracking. It is slow as a dog on a hot summers day and is not flexible with file naming structure. I’ll admit to being a very light user of AP, primarily testing of plug ins, but I am not impressed. I might be that since the function of upload to Flickr or Smug Mug is not a real part of my workflow, it doesn’t matter. Tracking video with LR plug in can be done and I do have other more robust editing software I don’t even look at that aspect.

      And, I really am a PC guy, so AP is running on a secondary OS, although 10.6.3, it is still not my home.

      • I use other software as well for video editing, but I’m a little disappointed that LR3 Beta 2 only included organization support for video. Not that I would edit video in LR, but I’m just sayin’. 🙂

    • I really appreciate your honesty with myself and the readers of the blog. There are a LOT of thing that I really like about Aperture 3, but I just can’t make it work the way I want to and that’s a hard pill to swallow when I like something a lot. LR seems to be so much better on the organization side of the house, and that’s where I really need it the most.

  2. With the “Edit in” function of LR and the use of Elements Premiere, Adobe already has a way to allow video editing. The cost of LR would need to be increase to allow for all the extra work to code it into LR with video codex , etc living with the RGB world of LR.

  3. I tried LR for a short time (downloaded a trial version some time ago) and quickly settled on Aperture. I realize Photoshop and Adobe products may be industry standards for most but I like what Aperture provides, though I admit I’m probably a bit on the back side of the learning curve on just all that Aperture will do.

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