Photoshop is a tool… Photography is an art.



After reading this great blog post by Jack Hollingsworth about how the art of photography is beginning to fall by the wayside to the technique of Photoshop, I was inspired to design a t-shirt. Thus, the images you see above.
Lets think about this for a minute. People rave over images that take lots of time to post process, but seem to neglect the simple, well-lit and well-composed portrait. Where have we gone wrong? When did Photoshop begin to define style? In my opinion, it doesn’t. Actions are great and there are lots of photographers that use the same ones. And guess what? Their work looks the same too.
This has been discussed at length already so I’m not going to go into a laborious rant about it here. Jack’s post got me to thinking and so I came up with the idea for the t-shirt. I shot the image of an old 35mm point and shoot camera that I have and added a little text and it was done. I created the prototype with my Canon inkjet printer and some t-shirt transfers. Not the highest quality, but it works for a prototype anyway.
It’s a small way to help spread the message that it’s not about Photoshop, it’s about photography. Anyone who’s got a few hours to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop can take a bad photo and make it look pretty darn good. But only a photographer can see an image in his or her head, create and/or control the light, compose the shot, and capture that incredible moment in time, forever. That’s why photography is an art.
Questions or comments are always welcome. Leave ’em in the comments section below and I hope you have a great week! The weekend’s almost here!


2 thoughts on “Photoshop is a tool… Photography is an art.

    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for your interest. I’m currently working out logistics to get these made up somewhere so they will look a lot nicer than just an iron-on transfer. 🙂 I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

      All the best,


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