Photo News and Other Happenings

Thursday is here and the week is almost over. Rather than waste time, lets get right down to what’s going on around the industry:

  • Nikon has announced two brand new lenses, the 24mm f/1.4G and the 16-35mm f/4 VR. You can read all about ’em here, and I don’t know about you but I think that 16-35mm lens is gonna sell like crazy. It’s Nikon’s update to the much older 17-35mm lens and while this new version isn’t f/2.8, it’s got VR baby!
  • I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk’s audiobook called “Crush It” and if you are in business and haven’t read this book or downloaded the audiobook from iTunes then you’re missing out. I’ll have a review up here before too long.
  • Don’t forget that my ‘Winter’ themed photography contest kicks off right here on Monday! For more details be sure to check out my original post. Good luck and thanks to BlinkBid for sponsoring the contest!
  • I was the host photographer for Don Giannatti’s Lighting Essentials workshop last weekend, right here in good old San Diego. We had a great time, the attendees learned A LOT, and we made some great images. If you’re interested in learning how to light, I highly recommend his workshop! Here’s the link.
  • Last but not least, Apple released Aperture 3 and it really looks awesome! I haven’t had a chance to do much more than examine the interface, but so far I REALLY like what I see! More on that coming soon… after a solid test drive.

That’s it for today. I hope you guys have a great rest of the week and weekend too! Don’t forget to go backup your images and clean your cameras! Have a great day!


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