Sometimes It Pays to Bring It All

This past weekend I headed out with a neighbor who wanted to shoot the moon, as it was the closest it has been to Earth in many years. This also brought about a VERY high tide, which the surfers were loving.

The night before, I was packing my gear and thought to myself, “I’m shooting landscapes so I probably will only need my 24-70mm Sigma and my D90”. I could put those and a flash in my Tamrac shoulder bag and be good to go. Then I got to thinking that if something else interesting came along and I didn’t have any other glass, I might miss out.

I ended up bringing my Think Tank Airport Security bag and I was glad that I did because I was right. I would have missed out. After the moon tucked behind the clouds and the sun began to rise, the surfers hit the water. After I got all my moon shots, I decided to throw on my Sigma 70-200mm and start shooting the surfers. Oddly enough, I’d never done this before.

One surfer, who also happens to be a Coronado Beach lifeguard, came up to us and asked if we would mind taking a couple of shots of him. I gladly obliged and got a few shots that I happened to like.

All-in-all, I was pretty happy at the end of the morning. If I hadn’t have brought my other glass, I would have been out of luck for sure. 70mm just isn’t enough reach to get out to the waves, even as close to the water as I was. This was one time where I was glad I lugged my whole bag, even though I set out with no intentions of shooting surfers. I’m even tempted to rent some longer glass and give it another go sometime. Lots and lots of fun!

So the next time you think about packing light, put a little thought into where you’re going and what other subjects you might come across that would call for different gear than what you’re thinking about packing. It may save you from some disappointment!


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