The iPad Is Here: My Thoughts and Yours

So Apple announced the iPad yesterday and already I have seen photographers all over Twitter ready to buy. I’m not sure that this was the tablet that everyone thought Apple was going to release though. I think many had visions of a device similar to the ModBook, which is what most of us think of tablets thanks to PC.

But I don’t really think that the difference is a bad thing. I watched the keynote and Steve Jobs presented some really cool things about the iPad that got me thinking. The iPad is really a mobile device and not a mobile computer so it’s going to do things that we expect out of a mobile device like: browse the web, check e-mail, listen to music, watch movies, view photos… you get the idea.

So where could the iPad fit in the photographers life with no camera built in? My answer is pretty simple: a completely mobile portfolio solution. Imagine being able to had a client your iPad with a kick-ass slideshow that you put together for them to view samples of your work or even proof images from their shoot with you. You can take it anywhere! As thin as it is and weighing in at a mere 1.5 lbs makes it hardly a hassle to carry around. That’s just one of many ways that photographers can put the iPad to work.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “The iPad Is Here: My Thoughts and Yours

  1. I love the look of the iPad. As Moose Peterson would say, “It’s sexy”. I was hoping that it would sport some actual word processing features though like being able to use a stylus type of device for taking notes with.

    The non-3G model has a nice price tag but I think I may wait until the 2nd iPad version comes out in a few years before I purchase one.

    Thanks for the review Stephen. Have a great day!

  2. An interesting animal this new device with an unfortunate name – iPad: a scalable media device but how usable is it. Would one really use an iPad when a laptop would be more advantageous, or a netbook which would be less expensive, to get the same results? It sits firmly in the middle and is competing with a lot of other devices. Especially the Kindle and Nook both of which present formidable opponents, plus this will generate the inevitable competition as is happening with the iPhone and the Nexus One and the Android, which is a good thing. As always with Apple products I find their price points a little to rich for my blood and I have a feeling that many consumers are feeling the pinch in an already cluttered market.

    BTW one “too bad” item is the lack of a Firewire or USB connector which would have added a lot of possibility. Still, all-in-all a fine design with a large group of us having the “let’s wait and see attitude.” I will go and play with one before final judgment because as David Carr of the NY Times stated “Nothing ages faster than the future when you get it in your hands.”

  3. I am not impressed by the ipad at all. I like your idea of using it for a protable portfolio but man that is an expensive portfolio… but a very slick one for sure. For me this device is pretty much usless. I rather use my macbook pro or my iphone. If they made the ipad more like a computer with atleast some usb or firewire inputs and the ability to run a programs like photoshop it would be much more useful. But then again.. that would make it a tablet mac.. and clearly that is not the direction they wanted to go with this product. I just don’t get why everyone is so excited about it. And did I mention it is way too expensive!

    • Hey Matt,

      I’m impressed with it for what it is capable of. I would have liked to have seen it have a FireWire or USB interface as well, but Apple already has the MacBook Pro to handle that type of work, so I think they were trying to hit somewhere in between the iPod and their notebook lineup. I feel that they were trying to create a device that someone could carry to a coffee shop and surf the web, read e-mail, listen to music/watch movies, etc. More like an entertainment device than that of a productivity device.

      Personally, if I’m going to retouch photos on some type of tablet, it would be a Wacom Cintiq. Their displays are killer and you can’t beat their pen interface.

      I won’t be getting one anytime soon, but it will be interesting to see where this all goes. A buddy of mine brought up an interesting point: will the iBook Store be like the App Store where you will be able to self-publish? Hmmmm….


      • Interesting thought for sure. I guess I am expecting too much from the first version of what will likely be the new way to read digital newspapers and enjoy multimedia entertainment. I am really put off by the price but I am sure that will come way down in time. I guess in my life, I see no need for this type of device. But the Star Trek future we all dreamed about seems to becoming reality.

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