“So, shoot much HDR these days?”

SOAPBOX ALERT! – Apparently there is some war going on over HDR and whether or not we as photographers should be shooting it. WHO CARES!? As photographers, we should care more about the IMAGE and less about how it was made. As I mentioned onTwitter and Facebook last week, keep fighting about it… I’ll be out making pictures and working on building my client base.

I’m pretty new to shooting and processing HDR, but I’m not new to the concept. I have been reading about it for a long time now and I have even processed some images that are “pseudo HDR” that have been published.

What really attracts me (and lot of other viewers) to HDR photos is that the final image represents something a lot closer to what our eyes can see and our brains can process. This is why people who aren’t photographers rave over the images. The human eye is an amazing optic and has a dynamic range of light sensitivity that we could only dream our DSLRs being capable of.

So you’ll probably start seeing more HDR images as being to experiment more and expand on this new tool in my camera bag. The wheels are already turning in my mind over other things in and around San Diego that I can shoot, that I think would make great HDR images.

On top of that, this year is going to be a ‘project year’ for me. I have decided My wife has encouraged me to work on a photo book, and I think that a fitting subject would be San Diego. After all, I’ve spent almost ten years living and working here… why not? Now, it’s not going to be exclusively HDR, so if you’re one of those Super Anti-HDR protesters your efforts would likely be more useful somewhere else. I hope to have the book finished up by early fall, but we’ll see.

The Holidays are behind us, the New Year is upon us, so stop making excuses and go out and shoot!


2 thoughts on ““So, shoot much HDR these days?”

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  2. Interesting article about HDR – you’re correct in your statement that HDR has stirred up a lot of discussion. My opinion of it is that its a great technique but in unskilled hands it often makes images look fake by over-flattening the tones in the image. A good HDR image is one where the viewer doesn’t know that its an HDR image at all. In many cases a simple recovery or fill slider adjustment (Lightroom) is all that is needed.

    I just discovered your site, but I’m looking forward to taking a lot around.

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