LumoPro LP633 Flash Brackets: Why I Chose Them

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you likely know that I use hot shoe flashes (speedlights) for location lighting. In order to put those awesome little light sources on a stand, you have to have some sort of bracket. Tilting umbrella brackets are really helpful because they give us the ability to tilt our light source on the stand and provide a means to also mount an umbrella to that stand.

When I first started out with off camera flash, I bought some fairly inexpensive umbrella brackets, and while they did the trick, left quite a lot to be desired. Nor did they inspire confidence as the cold shoe gaps are rather large, allowing the flashes to move and wobble around in the cold shoe.

Check out this image with my notes to see what I’m talking about:

Becoming more and more frustrated, I searched out a new umbrella bracket and that’s when I came upon the LumoPro LP633. I’ve only been able to find them at one dealer, and that’s Midwest Photo Exchange. They sell for $17.95 each (only $4.00 more than previous choice) and they’re worth every penny!

These little bad boys are shorter, have a more stable tilting mechanism, and they utilize a spring-loaded plate to maintain even pressure on the side of the flash’s hot shoe, holding it securely in place.

Take a look for yourself:

So if you’re looking for a solid and decently compact umbrella bracket, I would take a serious look at the LP633 that you can pick up from Midwest Photo Exchange. (Note: Westcott sells the same bracket under their name, for $29.95 as priced from B&H Photo.)


3 thoughts on “LumoPro LP633 Flash Brackets: Why I Chose Them

  1. Hi Stephen: Thank you so much for passing on this product info!! I hate those silver hot shoe adapters. I usually put duct tape around to help secure it. I’ll have to pick up a couple LumoPro LP633s. I just wish they sold the adapter only!

  2. Stephen:

    Have you put an umbrella in your LP633?

    I had five from MPEX (similar to what you show, with the V-notch in the shaft hole – which helps to lift the umbrella rod up 10-degrees). Unfortunately the holes for the umbrella rod were cut in a tapered manner where the diameter of one end was greater than that of the other.

    As a result, the umbrella points to the side rather than forward. It turns out that the current crop of Calumet MF6829’s are identical to the MPEX LP633, including this design flaw. At least that’s what I noticed on three that I looked at locally.

    The all-metal design, 10-degree upward rod tilt and good hot-shoe clamp are great, but the resulting way in which the umbrella points off to the side is unacceptable.

    I hope both MPEX and Calumet resolve this problem. I’ve brought this to the attention of both but have yet to get responses indicating that they will.


    • I have noticed a very slight offset with my brackets, but it’s not anything that I would consider a deal breaker by any means. The umbrella is still going to fill with light, diffuse and soften it, so it doesn’t bother me all that much.

      It could be that you got a batch of bad ones if the umbrella shaft is more than a degree or two off center.

      All the best,


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