Christmas 2009: Shot on the D90

Today I’m sharing a short video that I put together for our family, since most of them live far away from San Diego. I shot the video and stills on my D90 and put it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (which I am really loving by the way).

The convergence of still photography and video is growing more and more everyday. I didn’t buy the D90 for the video, but I have come to really enjoy it and I’m glad to see that Nikon included it on the D300s and D3s. Will we see a D700s? I hope so! I doubt that Nikon will release any new DSLRs that don’t have D-Movie mode from here on out. And the great part is that the video quality will only get better!

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 has been great to work in thus far, having come from Final Cut Express 4. The look and feel is much the same, but I REALLY like the auto rendering and I don’t have to wait around nearly as much as I did with FCE. I’ll talk more about Premiere Pro in the future and for now I’m certainly a big fan!

That’s it for today, I hope you’re having a great week! The last few days of 2009 are upon us! What’s your creative resolutions for 2010? Share in the comments!


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