Demb Flip-It Review

I’m a big fan (and user) of off-camera flash, but I am sometimes left with no choice but to shoot with my flash on camera as I’m running around at an event. Since I’m used to the awesome quality of light that I get with flash off the camera, I was in search of a solution that would give me great quality light with my flash on the camera.

Enter the Demb Big Flip-It. I had read about it for quite some time and a lot of photographers swear by it. At $29.95, I just had to order one and find out for myself. The Flip-It is basically a bracket that attaches to your flash with an elastic strap and some velcro, with a white corrugated plastic panel that attaches to the bracket. Simple, I know, yet VERY effective.

The Flip-It works on the same principle as the Lumiquest 80-20, letting most of the light go to the ceiling to be bounced and reflecting a much smaller volume of light forward in order to help light your subject. What makes the Flip-It so much better than the 80-20 is the fact that it’s completely adjustable. The bracket in which the plastic panel attaches to is on a hinge, allowing me to throw as little or as much light at my subject as I need to. Why is this so great? I can make subtle light adjustments without having to take my eye out of the viewfinder to adjust the power of my flash. (No, I’m not a TTL guy.)

The construction of the Flip-It is very sturdy and it holds in place well on my flash while I’m moving around shooting. Reviews of the Lumiquest 80-20 indicated that it seemed and felt flimsy on the flash, and that’s not something I need (or want) to deal with while I’m shooting an event. The panels are replaceable and inexpensive at $5.00 a pop. I can certainly live with that.

There are three sizes to accommodate just about every photographer, from the small Photojournalist Flip-It to the Mega Flip-It. The PJ model is fairly small and is designed to be fairly unobtrusive and mobile and the Mega is aimed that those who want to use a Flip-It on their off-camera speedlight.

Here’s a photo to illustrate the quality of light that you can get from this great little modifier:

As you can see, the light is much more soft and even than what you would get with a straight flash or even bounce flash. I have been using the Flip-It for about 3 months now and I carry it with me all the time. It works great indoors and even outdoors for some fill flash that beats the pants off of straight flash.

So if you’re in the market for a really great modifier to use on your flash while it sits in your camera’s hot shoe, then I highly recommend that you pick up this little lighting gem. You can buy them directly from Demb Flash Products. Enjoy!


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