D90 Still On Top of Image Quality Mountain

If you’re a Nikon D90 owner, you’re got something to really be proud of! Oh, and I wouldn’t go out and spend that $1800.00 that you’re about to spend to upgrade to a D300s either. Why? Because in terms of image quality, the D90 is the #1 sub-full frame DSLR on the market according to DxOMark’s Sensor website.

The D90 falls in at the number 15 spot, but the only cameras ahead of it are either full frame DSLRs or Medium Format digital cameras. That’s a helluva lot of bragging rights for anyone who owns the D90 (including me).

(Screen capture of DxOMark Sensor showing the Nikon D90’s rank.)

DxOMark Sensor was created by DxO Labs in order to provide a one-stop shop for photographers looking to find out more about the image quality of camera models, without solely relying on manufacturers websites or literature. Their testing methods were devised with three types of photographic situations in mind: studio and portrait work, landscape work, and finally sports and photojournalism.

Now, I’m not going to go into the whole ‘upgrade or don’t upgrade’ debate here, because the bottom line is it’s your money and if you want to spend it then be my guest. However, if you do upgrade to that D300s you’ll be dropping to the number 19 spot. Oh, the D300? It’s in the number 22 spot. If you have questions about upgrading, feel free to hit me up in the comments and I will be happy to help.

Image quality is what we’re all after as photographers. We want the best possible image quality for what we can afford, and it should be more important than weather proofing, bracketing, frames per second, or any other bell and whistle that a camera may have. Nikon really got it right with the D90, and DxOMark Sensor proves that. Coming from a trusted name in the industry like DxO Labs, you know that the data is accurate and trustworthy.


5 thoughts on “D90 Still On Top of Image Quality Mountain

  1. Hello Stephen,

    My wife and I are proud owners of our own D90’s and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of images that we have gotten from it. It has been a worthy upgrade from the Nikon D80 and money well spent. I have been fortunate to take some great photos with it this year. In addition, I have gotten great reviews by the flickr photography community including bloggers for which I have entered my photos to their online contests.

    I don’t forsee myself upgrading for some time unless the next model proves to get higher ratings from DxO Labs and the features are worthy of it.

    I look forward to producing many more great images with my D90 in 2010. BTW, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


    • Chris,

      You are absolutely right… you have taken some excellent images! The D90 just adds to your images because of your color, composition, and lighting.

      Merry Christmas to you and your wife and I hope you guys have an excellent 2010!

      All the best,


  2. Thanks. You’ve just made my day šŸ™‚ i also upgraded from D80 about one month back and couldn’t be happier about that.

    happy holidays!!!

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