Shooting Tethered on Nikon – For Free!

Alright, it’s time to kick of the week right. Since the Holidays are here and everyone is out spending money on gifts, travel expenses, etc., I thought I would toss out a tip for something free! Now, this only applies to Nikon shooters because if you shoot Canon you already have a free solution.

In the past, if you wanted to shoot a Nikon DSLR tethered into your computer (be it laptop or desktop), you had to spend money on Nikon’s Camera Control Pro software. $150.00 wasn’t worth it for most people to be able to shoot tethered, so they went without. (More on tethered shooting another day.)

That’s not the case anymore! I came across a great free application for the Mac that allows you to shoot tethered and it gives you full control of your camera. The app is called SOFORTBILD and it’s available to download free right from their website.

The guy who developed SOFORTBILD is Stefan Hafeneger from Germany. He is currently doing an internship with Apple up in Cupertino, CA. Thanks Stefan for creating this great application and letting the world use it for free! Amazing!

Check out this screenshot from their website:

I’m going to give this app a full test drive in the next week or two, but if you don’t want to wait on me, then go download it for yourself and give it a go! Just remember, you’ll need a Nikon DSLR, an Apple desktop or laptop computer, and our USB cable.

I’ll be posting my results and findings with any likes/dislikes about the software so be sure to check back and find out what I think about it after I’ve had time to put it through it’s paces.

That’s it for today. I hope you guys have a great week and don’t forget that there is only 11 more days until Christmas! Get your shopping wrapped up so you aren’t fighting the mad rush right before Christmas!


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