I’m Back At It Again!

If you happened to be wondering where I’ve been (most likely you weren’t), I’ve been super-busy since Tony and Tammara’s wedding in Chicago! There’s been lots going on and no time to blog. So I’m catching up this week with details and photos from some of the latest happenings.

Surface Warfare magazine, which is a Navy publication for the Surface Warfare community recently did a story on USS STERETT and they used several photos that I had shot, documenting the Pre-Commissioning experience. Here’s the link to the PDF version of the article; and here’s the link to the web article.

I’ve got something really cool planned for Thursday and I can’t give away the details, but I know you’ll find it to be just as awesome as I think it’s going to be!

On Friday, I’ll be over at the Adobe CS4 Unleashed Seminar at the San Diego Convention Center. Dave Cross and Rafael Concepcion will be teaching the inner workings of the Adobe Creative Suite and it should be a blast! Here’s the details if you’d like to come along!

Tomorrow I’ll have some photos posted from Tony and Tammara’s wedding so you can check those out. I had a complete blast in Chicago shooting their wedding and I’m really starting to dig shooting weddings, but they aren’t something that I can feasibly do right now as most weddings are planned many months in advance. Maybe I’ll stick to the last minute ones. 🙂

That’s it for today. I hope you have a great week and be sure to stop by the rest of the week and check out what I’ve been up to!


4 thoughts on “I’m Back At It Again!

  1. Stephen,
    Great write up in Surface Warfare w/ some great shots. You do realise your photos will be attached to the Sterett forever! History! I am sharing the article at Bath and they have enjoyed seeing what their product is doing. Keep up the good work. and that goes for your shipmates too!! Thanks

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