The Digital Photography Book Vol. 3 Review

Scott Kelby has really done a wonderful thing with his Digital Photography Book series. The first book in the series (Vol. 1) opened up a lot of doors to people who were afraid of DSLRs. His no-nonsense approach makes it easy for readers to understand what he’s teaching without a lot of complicated technical jargon. It’s no surprise that Volume 3 falls right in line with Volumes 1 and 2, and Volume 3 picks right back up where Volume 2 left off.

The Digital Photography Book Vol. 3 is really where the rubber meets the road if you’re serious about photography. Scott shares a lot of excellent tips, tricks, and photo recipes that will guide you through camera settings, lighting setups, and more; all designed to help you get the shot.

He covers all types of photography in Vol. 3: sports, product photography, portraiture, travel, wedding photography, and landscapes. Scott also provides invaluable tips on how to avoid common (and even some uncommon) photography problems that stand in the way of making great pictures.

Almost all of the Digital Photography Book Vol. 3 builds upon the foundation laid in Volumes 1 and 2. Volume 2 really got hot and heavy with off-camera flash, and Vol. 3 really covers it good. One thing that I would liked to have seen Scott cover more is the relationship between foreground and background exposure while using studio strobes or off-camera flash. His photo recipes covered aperture settings, but didn’t get into a whole lot of ‘meat and potatoes’ when it came to setting up your camera and lighting. Granted this isn’t a book about lighting, but it would have been great to have it covered in the book.

Overall the book seems to be aimed at photography enthusiasts and people who are looking very seriously at making a living with their photography. Chapter 2 is titled, “Using Your Studio Like A Pro”, which gives a very strong indication of the book’s target audience.

One word of caution: Scott mentions in all three volumes that if you want your photos to look like the pro’s do, you’re going to have to spend some money. Vol. 3 is no different. After reading this book, you’re going to want to go out and spend some hard-earned cash on some new toys. However, Scott does provide a few alternatives to some expenses that would put most of us in the poor house.

The Digital Photography Book Vol. 3 is 243 pages of photography goodness covering gear, tips, settings, and more. It’s $20.00 very well spent and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking into photography as a serious enthusiast or working toward making a living with their camera. You can pick up you’re copy of the Digital Photography Book Vol. 3 at Kelby Training or your favorite book store.


2 thoughts on “The Digital Photography Book Vol. 3 Review

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  2. I agree, I’d heard about the series & now I have all three. Excellent books, I like his style of writing & presentation – you can find what you’re looking for just shuffling the thru pages.

    There maybe a price break if you buy the 3 as a boxed set. Books 1 & 2 provides lots of basic camera operating tips & stuff. And then book 3 wraps it all together, providing tips on how to shoot this or that (sports, portraits & so on).

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