Monday Photo News

It was an incredibly busy week this past week and I’ve been shooting and processing quite a bit. Got most of it done and so I have just a little downtime before I head to Chicago and it all ramps back up again. I didn’t get to do anything super-exciting like go to PhotoPlus in NYC, but nonetheless I have been holding the fort down here in San Diego and I’ve got some cool little tidbits of news for you.

  • Nik Software (a San Diego-based company) has announced Viveza 2, which from what I have heard, will be an awesome upgrade to an already awesome program. Viveza gives you total control over color and light, which is great for Lightroom users because you don’t need to go to Photoshop or use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom to make adjustments to color or light in just one area of your photo. Can’t wait to see Viveza 2 as I’m already a big fan of Viveza! Check it out right here.
  • I’ve been playing around with Lightroom 3 Beta and so far I’m very impressed. The new Import Dialog is very cool, as well as the ability to export slideshows in video format with audio included, which you couldn’t do with LR2. There are some new features in the Develop Module under the new Effects Panel, which includes upgrades to Vingetting and a new effect called Grain, which allows you to add a film grain-type of effect to your photos which is so highly popular these days. Check out Lightroom 3 Beta for yourself right here.
  • On Saturday I received my Demb Big Flip-It that I ordered. During the wedding that I shot last weekend, I only used bounce flash and I wish that I had been able to throw just a little more light forward to help freeze some movement without casting harsh shadows. I checked out a couple of other options including the new Lumiquest QuikBounce, but I decided on the Flip-It based on recommendations and the QuikBounce seemed a little flimsy to me. Check out the Flip-It here and I’ll have a full review up soon!

That’s it for today. I hope you guys have a great week and an awesome Monday (as awesome as Mondays get anyway)! 🙂


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