Lightroom News (And Some Other News Too)

Hey everyone! Tuesday’s here and it’s time for some Lightroom news, updates, and some other news. I haven’t posted any big news about Lr in awhile, so this has been a long time coming. (Note: For a great, regular resource on Lightroom be sure to check out Wade Heninger’s blog too!)

First off, yesterday Adobe released Lightroom version 2.5 which includes some corrections to issues in previous versions of Lr 2 and also includes camera support for the Nikon D3000 and Olympus E-P1. Time to download the update and install it! I almost always install small version updates right away, but wait for larger (i.e. V2 to V3) updates to ensure stability and compatibility. (This is also why I haven’t upgraded to Snow Leopard yet.)

Second item on my Lr list: it appeared that Jeffrey Friedl’s website and blog had been down for a few days, as I wasn’t able to update my awesome plugins that he has written for Lr. However, I’m happy to report that his site appears to be back up and I’ve successfully updated my Facebook and Flickr plugins. If you haven’t checked out Jeffrey’s Lightroom plugins yet, you’re way behind the power curve!

I’ve been super busy with family over the weekend and the first couple of days this week, but I happened to receive my Fotoflot from Zenfolio and I’m going to write up a review of this awesome product. I actually won the Fotoflot as I was selected as @zenfolio’s Tweet of the Week winner a couple weeks ago. Thanks again guys, and I’ll have the review up shortly.

I hope you’re having an awesome week and I’ll be bringing you a couple of quick tutorials very soon, so be sure to check back in!


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