What’s Your “Best Kept” Photographic Secrets?

Yes, it was a trick question. I’m sure a lot of you heard about what happened yesterday over onScott Kelby’s blog and the ringer that a bunch pro sports photogs put Alex, Mike, and Scott through. What’s done is done and there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. Read Scott’s update here.

Yes, the image above is a joke… I would never do or have such a thing as “best kept” secrets. In the case of what happened to Alex, it appears that a bunch of insecure photographers who shoot sports got a chip on their shoulder because of the fact that some “amateur” was going to be shooting on the sidelines with them.

Whatever. Those guys need to worry about their own photography skills if they think an amateur might come in and outshoot them. People who are confident in their own abilities will never do what those photogs did to Alex. That’s exactly why guys like Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, and other photographers with the same mindset are willing to share everything they know. They are confident in themselves and know that they can give away all of their “secrets” and still be competitive.

I have nowhere near the experience that those guys do as I got serious about photography much later than they did. But I still won’t hold anything back from someone who has a question. So what if they take everything I taught them and go underbid me. They still won’t have MY style, just as you wouldn’t have Joe McNally’s style after spending a year with him. His images would still be unique.

So think about that when you’re out shooting and someone comes up to you and wants to ask you a question about what settings to use, what lens to buy, how to set up their lights, etc. You’ll feel good knowing you helped someone else out, just as someone helped you out when you were first bitten by the shutterbug.


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