ThinkTank Airport Security V2 Bag Review

Are you ready??? It’s finally here: my ThinkTank Airport Security V2 Bag review! Yeah, I can’t believe that I finally got to this either, but I actually did. In this review, I’m going to cover the features that I love most about the bag as well as give you my honest opinion about it overall. There are a couple great reviews from Zack Arias and Scott Kelby so there’s no real need to invent the wheel here. Also, I’ll show you what’s in my bag and where it’s located. Believe me, you can carry A LOT of gear with this bag, which I really love. (Image above courtesy ThinkTank Photo.)

First off, a look at what’s in my bag:

In the lid, I carry some gels, cables, and other miscellaneous accessories:

This bag is SECURE! It comes with three different locks to lock up your bag/gear/laptop. The first that I’ll cover is the zipper lock that locks up the main compartment. It’s a TSA approved lock, so it can stay locked while you’re flying with your gear and they can open it with their key if they need to do an inspection. It’s built right into the bag and keeps people from opening the main compartment and peeking (or stealing) your gear. Here’s a close-up:

The second lock is on a cable that attaches to the frame of the bag. It’s a combination padlock that allows you to secure your bag to something to keep it from rolling off (or being carried off). The cable is pretty hefty and so there is no way someone’s going to get your bag without at least a set of bolt cutters. It also works really well for securing for sea on a Navy ship should you happen to be a Sailor. Here’s a close-up:

The third lock is in the front zippered pocket and allows you to secure a laptop to the bag so that someone can’t walk off with it since your bag is already locked up. If you use a laptop bag, it will slide right into the front pocket on the front of the bag. Then you can loop the cable through a handle on the bag and lock it. Here’s a close up:

Another feature that I really love is the fact that this bag comes with a ID plate riveted to the bag with a serial number on it. If your bag is ever lost, someone can easily return it to ThinkTank and you can get it from there. More details here. I obviously blocked out my serial number, but you get the idea in the close-up:

This bag rolls like a dream. I don’t even notice that it’s behind me because it rolls so effortlessly. The wheels are very sturdy and they are not riveted on so they can easily be replaced if need be. The handles on this bag are solid and secure. I don’t have to worry about picking up my bag by the handles with all of my gear inside and having one of the handles come loose or even off. The bag is build tough, very tough. The zippers are sturdy and don’t snag. They aren’t the kind you’ll find on a cheap suitcase either. These things are VERY rugged. The Airport Security V2 also comes with a seam-sealed rain cover in the event you find yourself in a downpour. Very nice touch. I also love the fact that ThinkTank stands behind their bags and I won’t ever have to worry about paying to replace a part. Why? Because they will repair or replace any part on their bags. That’s a company that really stands behind their products! This bag also has a TON of storage. I carry 5 speedlights, a 70-200mm f2.8, a 24-70mm f2.8, two DSLR bodies, CyberSyncs, Justin Clamps, a Triflash, gels, gobos, snoots, camera straps, cables, batteries, chargers, and more. If I need a lot of gear on location, then I know I can carry most or all of it in this one single bag. I love that! This is all I could ever want in a rolling camera bag and I’m so happy that my awesome wife and kids decided to get me one for Father’s Day this year. They also got me the Airport Intelligence 15 notebook bag for my MacBook Pro, which comes in really handy and is a killer combo with the Airport Security V2. If you are in need of a rolling camera bag, you owe it to yourself to take a HARD look at this bag.

Note: I still have yet to fly with this bag and I probably won’t until November, in which I’ll update you on how my experience was with the bag. However, there seem to be lots of photogs that fly with these and have had very little trouble. It’s dimensions meet the FAA and US domestic airline maximums for carry-on luggage and so there shouldn’t ever really be a problem unless you’re flying on a regional jet or turboprop. Here’s a link to more info on airline travel from ThinkTank.


2 thoughts on “ThinkTank Airport Security V2 Bag Review

  1. I really liked the ThinkTank Airport out of the box–but the front feet wore out very quickly, which causes it to lean forward and the bottom from to drag on the ground, which caused the top flap to rip.

    ThinkTank customer service was no help at all. They felt that the feet wearing down was normal wear and tear and refused to help. They wouldn’t even provide or sell me a set of replacement feet. I was very disapointed.

    I just got the Pelican 1510. I don’t like it quite as much–doesn’t hold as much gear for sure. But I do feel like its a bit safer and I can count on it being unbreakable or replaceable.

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