Friday Wrap-Up

Friday’s here and it’s time to get the weekend started off right! How about by saving you $10 bucks when you sign up for a Premium account at Zenfolio? That’s right, until August 15th you can sign up for a premium account with Zenfolio and save $10.00! Be sure and use these links to ensure you get your discount! Check out my Zenfolio review.

Nikon has announced two new cameras that are due out this month. They are the D300s and the D3000. The D300s sports the better ergonomics of the D90 and D700 and also adds D-Movie mode. The D3000 looks to be the replacement for the D60 with no video mode. Check out the details on Nikon’s website for more info.

I confirmed my travel arrangements today for a wedding I’m shooting in Chicago for my friends Tony and Tammara. I shot some engagement portraits for them back in June and can’t wait to shoot their wedding in November! It should be a blast!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow. I’m posting my Think Tank Airport Security review as well as a “What’s In My Bag” bit so that you can see just what you can carry with this awesome bag. That’s it for today. I hope you have a great weekend and get some great shots!


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