For the Best Prints, Go With Mpix!

I’ve order quite a few smaller prints from Mpix and I have been absolutely thrilled with them. But it was only a few weeks ago that I ordered some larger prints and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality. I didn’t really expect anything but the best from them, however I couldn’t believe how sharp and crisp my 16 x 24 and 20 x 30 prints were!

My wife had wanted a large print of the Point Loma Lighthouse to hang on the wall in our entry hallway. I ordered a 20 x 30 print of it and bought a frame from IKEA. I took a picture of the finished product with my iPhone (photo above).

Mpix not only produces the best products, they also have excellent pricing and their turnaround time is unbelievable! They truly live up to their motto: “Shoot today. Upload tonight. We ship tomorrow.” They have made a customer for life outta me and I highly recommend them to ANYONE who wants the best prints money can buy.

You can read more about Mpix here.


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