How to Keep Your Prints in Place

When it comes to my own prints I prefer to do the framing and matting. Why? Because it costs me considerably less to do so. I usually buy my frames from IKEA (a.k.a. Furniture Wal-Mart) because their choices look nice, are well-built, and are fairly priced. Ordering prints with frames can cost you a bundle. If I would have ordered a frame and mat with a recent 16×24 print it would have cost me $70.00! I bought the same style and size from IKEA for $30.00. Enough said.

Framing and mounting your own prints can be somewhat of a challenge though. Remember that 16×24 print I mentioned, I had to trim the mat to fit my print because the mat was wide and would have covered up much of what I wanted viewers to see. Pretty easy if you have a straight edge and an Xacto knife.

Today’s tip has to do with keeping your prints in place. What do I do? I use painter’s tape to secure it to the mat. Painter’s tape will hold your print in place but it won’t damage the print or the mat. The adhesive doesn’t come off the tape and it won’t be left behind on your print or mat if you have to remove it down the road. You can see exactly how I taped my 20×30 print in the photo above.

So now you have another inexpensive and handy way to keep your prints in place in your frames. I’ve got some more great tips this week so stay tuned!


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