Monday’s Here: It’s Gonna Be A Busy Week!

Happy Monday! Okay, Mondays are never really that happy because they’re well… Monday! Anyway, this is most likely the only post that I’ll get to this week so I thought I would share a quick photo with you and some of my happenings.

  • The photo above was from a shoot I did last weekend with musician Connor Fabiano. We had a great time shooting downtown in San Diego and we got some cool shots for him to use in his promo materials. This was another shoot that I put together while working on a music portfolio. Thanks Connor!
  • I’m really lovin’ my Sigma glass! The 70-200mm f2.8 and the new 24-70mm f2.8 HSM lenses are really nice! Sharp, crisp, great color and contrast too! As a matter of fact, the image above was shot with the 24-70mm lens on my D90.
  • Speaking of love, I’ve fallen deeply into it with my Think Tank Airport Security 2.0 bag that my wife and kids got me for Father’s Day! This bag rolls like a dream, has a TON of space, and is inside carry-on specs for domestic U.S. airlines. I’ll have a full review up for you soon, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get to fly with it until November when I head to Chicago to shoot a wedding.
  • I’m going to be out at sea this week and I won’t be back until Thursday. So there won’t be much here by the way of content, but I won’t be gone long. I’m heading to Huntington Beach for the weekend to spend time with family for the 4th of July. Before you ask, yes I’ll have my camera with me… and lights, stands, modifiers, etc.

That’s it for me today. I’ve got to run now and I hope you guys have a great week! Don’t work too hard, shoot plenty of photos, and don’t forget to back them up! See you soon!



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