What I Have Been Up To…

It’s been a few days since I have posted on the blog and it’s definitely time for an update. Things are good, just very, very busy. I’ve had quite a bit going on and so I’m trying to get all caught up with family, work, and photography.

  • You see the cartoon above? I read them every single day that Aaron Johnson updates it because they make me smile, and sometimes even laugh out loud. If you haven’t been over to check out What The Duck, then you’re really missing out.
  • I’ve been working on post processing like crazy from my three shoots last weekend and also been uploading photos to my client proofing site at Zenfolio for my clients. I love Zenfolio because the experience is awesome for my clients and their prints come from my favorite lab, Mpix. I’ll have some more photos up for you tomorrow.
  • I’m re-designing my website currently as time permits. I’m going for a cleaner look than I currently have, but I’m doing it myself because I’m just not ready to part with big bucks for a LiveBooks site yet. More to come soon on the website.

So now you know where most of my time has been spent lately, and hopefully you’ll forgive me for not posting for a few days. As I mentioned above, I’ll have some more photos up for you tomorrow and until then, I hope you all have a great Thursday!


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