Photo Shoot with Classical Guitarist Paul Bowman

This past Saturday I was privileged to shoot Paul Bowman, a classical guitarist here in San Diego. The shoot was the first of several shoots with musicians, bands, or singers as I build my portfolio. I would like to shoot portraits, headshots, promo and art work for people in the music industry. And as fellow photographer Chase Jarvis says, “Show what you want to shoot.”

Paul and I had a lot of fun working together and I got to listen to him play while we shot which was a treat for me, being a guitar player as well. (For the record I’m nowhere close to the level of musician as Paul is.) I’ll share with you a couple of immediate selects that I got to during my initial editing. All of my post production was performed in Lightroom on these images. No need for Photoshop. Just good lighting and proper technique.

You gotta love black and white photos.

A detail shot while Paul was playing.

Classic portrait, but I used another Speedlight and my surroundings to add some texture and depth to the background.

Great juxtaposition in a location that Paul showed me.

I’ve got a lot more editing to do, but I wanted to share these shots with you. I had a lot of fun on this shoot and Paul is going to get some great images to use for promotion. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more shoots like this and of course I’ll share the images with you guys.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the images and I’ll see you back here again soon. I had to write this post ahead of time since I’m on the ship, out to sea. Let me know what you think of the shots in the comments and of course if you have questions, ask away! I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Have a great day!


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