My Wife Goes Location Scouting!

So my wife was out hiking around yesterday, but I didn’t know that she was also scouting locations for me. She sent a text to me midday and said that she found an awesome place to shoot portraits. When I got home she showed me the photo (above) that she snapped with her cell phone! I was blown away! Not only did she think about me (which she always does) but she found a really cool location! Thanks Baby, for supporting me. I think your going to have to go location scouting hiking more often!


4 thoughts on “My Wife Goes Location Scouting!

  1. That’s a cool location! Kudos to your wife for finding it 🙂

    I wanted to pick your brain. Awhile back you did a review on your new transmitter receiver set for triggering your speedlights off camera. I was wondering, since you now have the D90 that can act as a commander, what is the advantage of a transmitter unit?

    I read your little note about covering a wedding in Chicago. That’s exciting! What lens(es) will you use?? I may be doing a wedding coming up soon as the photographer they hired has apparently skipped town and it’s too late for them to find another pro wedding photographer.

    • Hi Marci,

      Here’s my answers to the questions you asked:

      Having a set of radio transceivers or transmitter and receiver(s) gives you a distinct advantage over Nikon’s Creative Lighting System or Canon’s wireless setup. This is mainly due to the fact that CLS uses an infrared signal which is limited by Line-of-Sight (LOS). If the Commander unit can’t see the flash, the flash isn’t going to fire. So that limits you greatly on range. I can hide my flashes behind doors, walls, upstairs, etc. and I can still fire them because the radio signal is free to bounce around all over the place. An IR signal will bounce a little if you have large, white surfaces. Sure, CLS is convenient, but I shoot with my flashes in Manual mode anyway, so CLS doesn’t do a whole lot for me anyway. The reason I shoot with flashes set to Manual is because I will get more consistent exposures than I would if I was letting the camera make exposure decisions for me via TTL.

      For the wedding, I plan on renting a 17-55 f2.8 lens as well as a 70-200 f2.8 VR lens. It’s way cheaper to rent than to buy, especially when we’re talking about some of Nikon’s top glass. I prefer primes over zooms, but since weddings are shot at a very fast pace, it will be easier to compose with the zooms. Then I have have one body with a wide lens and another with the tele zoom. Weddings almost always require fast glass due to the low light. The D90 will be fine because of it’s high ISO performance but I want very sharp images and those lenses will definitely give them to me. Also, I’m not sure how the wedding and reception halls feel about flash yet, so I want to make sure I’ll be able to shoot available light if I need to.

      Thanks again for the comments and I hope that helps out!


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