“What’s Up” Wednesday

Welcome to “What’s Up” Wednesday, a new weekly event in which I let you know what’s happening around the industry, as well as some cool stuff that I’ve come across along the way. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Last week, Scott over at WeeklyPhotoTips.com featured my DIY Gridspot tutorial on their website. Be sure to check out Scott’s site, as there is always a lot of good gouge to be read.
  • Wade Heninger, photographer and fellow Lightroom evangelist, gave a shout-out about my new FlashStrap and Gel Kits. For those of you wondering who Wade Heninger is, open Lightroom and read the dialog box. Or you can check out his website.
  • I recently started using twitter and I have to say that I really dig it. If you also twitter, you can follow me.
  • I am now using a new piece of software for estimates and invoicing. It’s called BlinkBid. Very exciting software, designed by creatives for creatives. Full review will be up tomorrow.
  • What in the heck is the shot above for? I’ll tell you. I recently started taking a couple of college courses in pursuit of my Associates Degree in Electronics Technology. So each week I spend some time in the evenings working on my English Composition and Intro to Psychology courses. Once I complete my AAS, I intend to pursue my BA in Business Administration! The book shot came about when I was playing around with my Lastolite Ezybox. Oh, that review will be up on Friday!
  • A friend of mine asked me to shoot his wedding in November… in Chicago! What?! More to come on that.

That’s it for today. I hope you guys are having a great week! I’m looking forward to a long weekend, getting in some shooting, and relaxing. See ‘ya tomorrow!


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