Shooting with the iPhone (And Processing Too!)

I’ve mentioned before that I have started to shoot more photos with my iPhone. Chase Jarvis has made this hugely popular with his iPhone portfolio and I’ve certainly enjoyed shoot with the camera that is ALWAYS with me.

Thanks to Zack Arias, I purchased a cool little app for the iPhone called CameraBag. It works really well for processing your iPhone images and it’s come in very handy. As a matter of fact, the image above was processed with the Lolo preset. This app is VERY well worth it’s $2.99 price tag.

Another great app that I have been using is Cool FX from the folks at Tiffen. That’s right, the same great people who make awesome filters for your favorite glass also make a killer iPhone app for processing your photos. It’s also priced right at $2.99 and I would pay it again if I had to.

I’m working on my review of “The Hot Shoe Diaries”, shoot a lot with the Lastolite Ezybox, and continuing to work on more great content for the blog. So stay tuned, as I work to bring you the awesome photography gouge you seek!

Happy Friday!



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