Speedlight Gels (and kits) Are Here!

I’ve talked about getting these together for quite some time now and I’ve finally got them available for you! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me just break it down for you. Until now, I’ve used the infamous Roscolux swatchbook gels in order to color correct my flash, for color effects, and the like. However, there was a problem with those little 1-cent wonders: you had to tape them to your flashes. Gaffer’s tape works well, but doesn’t stick that great in cold weather (unless you’re using a ton of it). If you leave it on there for too long (several days), you’ll get a nasty residue on your flashes. Same thing with velcro. No fun.

There are some pretty cool, commercially available solutions out there, but frankly I think they’re overpriced. $30.00 for 10 gels is a little too steep for a small piece of gel and some velcro. Now, if I were a full-time pro making lots of cash I probably wouldn’t see it this way. I’d see them as a bargain. But I’m not and I’m guessing that you’re probably not either. Maybe so.

I’m a DIY kind of guy so I decided to come up with a little DIY FlashStrap and a Gel Kit. What’s great about them is the gels are large enough to fit over a Diffusion Dome or Sto-Fen and can be cut to size if need be.

The FlashStrap is make of rubber from bicycle inner tubes, using velcro on one side for the gels or other attachments to fasten to. The FlashStrap goes around your flash and fastens to itself via the velcro. No mess, no fuss.

The Gel Kit includes 10 of the most frequently used gels. You get: Full CTO, 3/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO, 1/2 PlusGreen, 1/4 PlusGreen, 1/4 CTB, Light Red, Primary Blue, and Moss Green.

So if you’re not the DIY-type, I’ve made these Gel Kits, FlashStraps, and gels available to you on the cheap. No fancy manufacturing here: just me, a rotary cutter, gels, velcro, and bicycle inner tubes baby. The gels may even come with a fingerprint from the manufacturing process… I’m just sayin’.


  • FlashStrap – $5.00
  • Gel Kit – $10.00 (Includes 10 gels)
  • FlashStrap + Gel Kit – $15.00
  • Individual Gels – $1.50 each

Here’s the link to my Store where you can find out more info and even order your own. The FlashStrap and Gel Kits will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and Individual Gels will be sent via First Class Mail. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to ship these babies. If you need them faster than that, just contact me and we can work out other arrangements.

As always, if you have questions, hit me up in the comments section below. I hope you all have a great week and I’ve got some cool stuff on the way for ya!

Have a great week!



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