Photo Recipe: How To Get This Shot

The Boulevard

This was a shot that I had been wanting to get for awhile, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. This sign is a icon in the San Diego area. It’s “The Boulevard”, which is the “gateway to mid-city”.

It’s neon, so shooting it at night is certainly appropriate and makes for a much more interesting photo than what you would get during daylight hours. A tripod is going to be essential to the success of a shot like this.

I shot it with my D90, 50mm f1.8 lens, and I used the self-timer set at 5 seconds. This reduces the chance of camera shake significantly. Aperture was at f/22 and the shutter speed was set to 3 seconds. I needed this long of an exposure to get the light trails from the cars passing by. I was of course in Manual mode and at ISO 200.

One thing to keep in mind here is when you’re shooting around stoplights that if you catch a light changing from red to green it will show up in your photo. If it does, it makes your image a lot less believable. Of course, it could possibly fixed in post later on as well.

Monday’s here again and it’s the start of a new week. I’ve got a busy week this week and I’ve also got a Mentor Session scheduled for Saturday morning. More on that later.

Have a great week!



One thought on “Photo Recipe: How To Get This Shot

  1. A San Diego classic. I have done this shot and tried a few other things with it. One that I liked was zooming during the long exposure. That was pretty tricky to do and to time it right for the headlight/tailights streaks, as well.

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