Video: Using Nik Software in Lightroom

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One of my readers, Chris, had asked about a more in depth review of how Nik Software’s plugins work within Lightroom. I put together the video above and keep in mind that it’s pretty basic. I didn’t go into the deep inner workings of the plugins because that would take a long time and I’m limited on video file size on

I basically provided a quick, down and dirty review of how the work with Lightroom as opposed to all the features and benefits of the software. You can explore those more by going to Nik Software’s website and downloading a trial version to use for 15 days.

Enjoy the video, let me know what you think, and I’d love to know if you like these kinds of videos/tutorials. If so, I’d be willing to do more of them to show Lightroom and Photoshop tips and tricks.

Have a great weekend, go out and shoot, and I’ll see you next week!



2 thoughts on “Video: Using Nik Software in Lightroom

  1. Perhaps just a small nit, but Nik does not make plugins for Lightroom. In the Lightroom universe, as with most applications, the word “plugin” has a very specific meaning. The current plugin architecture in Lightroom has a lot of limitations, but generally speaking, the word “plugin” implies to the user a level of integration that is far beyond what a separate application like Nik’s can provide.

    On the other hand, they trade off better integration for a richer UI experience… one a plugin could not easily do. The end result is certainly the better of the two choices, but their use of the word “plugin” is simply a marketing lie trying to imply a stronger level of integration than exists. They have a (perhaps wonderful) standalone application that can be called from Lightroom, just like Lightroom can call Preview or Photoshop or any other application.

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