SlideshowPro for Lightroom Mini-Review

If you’re looking for a cool slideshow application for Lightroom, then you have to check out SlideshowPro for Lightroom! I had heard lots of good things about this app, but I wasn’t fully aware of just how powerful it was until I installed it and tried it out myself!

Now, I know a bit about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the like but I’m no web guru by any stretch of the means. Sure, I designed and coded my own website but I’m not near anywhere as good as some of these guys out there. I was searching for a cool flash plugin that I could use to display images on my website. When I really started looking into SlideshowPro for Lightroom I realized that it would work perfectly because I could customize it to look and behave exactly the way that I wanted it to. Not only that, I could do it ALL from Lightroom!!! Hell yeah!

Not only did the developer get the software right, but the price is right too! You can pick up this little gem for $35.00 which is a steal based on what you can do with it. Top that with the fact that you don’t have to know HTML, Flash, or any other language to be able to design and create your own custom web slideshows and you have an application that will be tough to beat.

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2 thoughts on “SlideshowPro for Lightroom Mini-Review

  1. I have been looking a good software that can allow me to create simple but elegant slideshow for my site, it seems like this is the slideshowpro will do the job, i will give it a shot.

    • Excellent. Feel free to stop back by and let me know how it works out
      for you! I would be interested to hear your thoughts!


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