Photography 101: Shoot Flowers in the Shade

Do you want to know how to get really vibrant colors that just pop out in your images while shooting flowers? Easy, shoot in the shade. Shade provides a very soft, beautiful light that really makes colors pop. I had to do almost nothing to this image because I shot it in the right kind of light.

If you don’t have available shade, make some. You can use a Scrim, a diffusion panel, a white sheet, etc to help knock down bright, harsh sunlight.

For this shot, I was shooting around 6:30PM and the quality of light where I was at was already nice and soft. I had lots of trees and buildings around to provide that shade and as you can see, the results are just awesome!

So next time you’re out and about shooting flowers, remember that shade is the ticket for those really awesome, jump-out-at-you colors!


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