Back To Basics: Composition

One of the easiest and most effective way to improve the quality of the images you shoot is to take a look at your composition. Composition is one of the things that can make a good photo, well… great. If you already have an interesting subject, good composition will take that photo to the next level. Today I’m going to explain a few things to help you do just that!

Fill The Frame!
This is probably my most suggested tip to people who ask me what they can do to make their photos better. Remember when we were little kids and we wanted to take pictures with our parents cameras? Remember them telling us to make sure that your aunt was in the center and you didn’t cut her head off? So what did we do? We framed the shot so that her head was EXACTLY in the middle of the frame, leaving a lot of dead space at the top of the photo.

That’s exactly what you don’t want. You want your subject to fill the frame in most cases. Notice the picture above. I even cut off the top of Danny’s head just a little bit. That’s ok! Most of the frame was filled with my subject which is what we’re after here.

I shot the photo with my D90, 70-300mm VR lens, Aperture Priority mode, ISO 200, Cloudy WB, f5.6, 1/125th, @ 135mm focal length.

So next time you’re out shooting, remember to look around the viewfinder and fill the frame with your subject! This will dramatically improve the quality of your images.


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