Weekly Photo News

It’s time for another weekly photo news update, along with some cool links for you to check out. I always try to include some interesting stuff from some of the best photography resources out there. Enjoy!

  • Starting off on a sad note, David Ziser recently lost another external hard drive. This is David’s second drive of it’s kind to recently lose it’s life. He has lost TWO Seagate 1.5 TB external hard drives in less than a week! Seagate owners beware! Read more about it on David’s blog.
  • Scott Kelby tossed up a great post about a recent football player photo shoot for his upcoming book, “Photoshop CS4 Down and Dirty Tricks”. Check out all the details and see some great images on Scott’s blog.
  • I found an interesting blog about photographers who are working to get fit and it’s appropriately titled “Fit Photographers“. What? Are photographers fat or something? 🙂
  • So I finally broke down and started a Facebook page (here’s the link). Feel free to stop on by, become a fan, and spread the word! Will you be my friend?

Well, that’s it for me today. I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Have a great day!


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