Lightroom News

There’s some new stuff happening in the Lightroom realm and I thought I would pass along some of it to you. Lightroom is a really great application for organizing and processing photos and if you aren’t using it already, I highly recommend it! Now on to the good stuff…

  • OnOne Software, makers of one of the greatest plug-in suites for Photoshop, has really jumped on board the Lightroom train. Last year they had one application that worked with Lightroom, and now four of their plug-ins work hand-in-hand with Lightroom 2. Focal Point, PhotoTools, Genuine Fractals, and Photo Frame all work with LR2. Here’s the link to check ’em out on their website.
  • Adobe Labs is currently beta testing the Lightroom 2.3 update. It’s been well tested in-house, but they are now asking users to test it out and provide feedback before releasing it as a regular update. Here’s the link to the LR 2.3 Release Candidate update from Adobe Labs, but remember that if you download and install it, it will be a separate installation from your regular Lightroom installation. This is because of the “Release Candidate” status.
  • I’m currently putting the Wonderland 3.0 presets through their paces. If you haven’t heard of them already, you should really head over to their website and check ’em out. $40.00 gets you a total of 176 presets for Lightroom which is an INCREDIBLE value! If you are looking for some cool presets to assist or speed up your workflow, Wonderland 3.0 has some killer ones! I used one of their presets in processing the photo you see above. Here’s the link to Wonderland’s website.
  • Matt Kloskowski over at Lightroom Killer Tips posted a cool video illustrating the difference between the Post-Crop and Lens Correction vignette tricks in Lightroom 2. Here’s the link to the post and if you haven’t compared the two already, you’ll be blown away at the difference!
  • Another Lightroom evangelist, Wade Heninger of Heninger Fotographik has a lot of great Lightroom resources on his blog. Mr. Heninger has linked to a post on my blog and has even left a couple of comments. Be sure to head over and check out his blog, you’ll be glad that you did. Here’s the link.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope that you guys have a great week and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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