Inexpensive Radio Trigger Holder-Thingy

Watch out, because here comes the minimalist in me again! Yep, I’ve gone and done it again. I found another inexpensive cheap way to work around something with my photo gear. I got the idea off of another Flickr member who had posted a shot in the Strobist Group. I basically bought a cheap holder-thingy from the Auto Parts section at Wal-Mart to hold my CyberSync Receivers on my light stands so that I wouldn’t have to velcro them somewhere. Man am I cheap!

The bottom line is that I really don’t like having velcro all over my gear. If you have to take it off later it’s messy, ugly, and a royal pain. I would rather do extra work or come up with another method of doing something without having to put velcro on my gear. These little neoprene pouches will hold my receivers well and keep them safe too. This way I don’t have them hanging from my flashes by their cords, which over time is a surefire way to have a cable fail, just at the time you needed it most!

The little holder-thingys (that’s their technical name) cost $2.50. Most of us can scrape that much in change from underneath our couch cushions. So if you’re in need of a method to hold your wireless trigger receivers and don’t want to use velcro, then hit up your local Wal-Mart or auto parts store for the ultimate cheap, non-destructive solution.


One thought on “Inexpensive Radio Trigger Holder-Thingy

  1. That works.

    I’ve been using cheap cell phone lanyards from ebay. The small end goes thru the Cybersync’s battery clip and they hang from anything you want them too – to cartoon characters required.

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