Essential Home Studio Gear: Part II

One of my readers, Chris, had made a request for me to post some more info/images about some of the home studio gear that I talked about in this post. Chris, that was a great suggestion and without further ado here is the information you requested.

First off, here’s a shot of the black granite tile that I use. Sorry for the marker and crayon on my makeshift posing table, but as you know I have kids. 🙂 This is a 12″x12″ piece of black granite tile and I picked a couple of them up at Lowe’s for $5.00 each. Depending on the size of the item I’m shooting, I will either use one or both of the tiles. They are great for giving you a little reflection. When you use two tiles either side by side or in front of one another, you can clone out the seams in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Next up is the A-Clamp, which I use for many different things. Primarily I use them to hold my seamless paper on my background support. If you’ve never had a roll of seamless paper come unrolled on you while you’re trying to shoot, you can’t really call yourself a photographer. These $3.00 lifesavers will help prevent you from offending your subjects and will save you some embarrassment too!

Here’s a quick snap with a few things set up. I was shooting some product shots for the blog today, so I took a quick step back while I was in between setups so I could show you a little of what I’m working with. My home studio is in my one-car garage for now. Off to the right you will see 3 pieces of 36″x48″ foam core as well as two 4’x8′ pieces of foam core. You can also see my background support stand from Calumet with a roll of black seamless paper on it. I use one of those plastic Sterilite storage bins for a makeshift posing table and it also doubles for storage too! If you haven’t been reading my blog (or if you haven’t caught on yet), I’m a minimalist in many ways and I am against spending large sums of money on things for the studio I can make (or make do with) myself. Remember, the focus is on the image, not the grip gear. Money invested in great glass is very worthwhile, but spending $200.00 on a gobo/flag kit that can be substituted with $3.00 foam core boards is just plain stupid, in my humble opinion.


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