New Lightroom Preset For Ya: Spin Off The “Dave Hill Look”

It’s pretty clear that Dave Hill does his post work in Photoshop to get the look he does, and that so many clients are looking for these days. This is of course, according to what I have read.

I was playing around in Lightroom recently and I created a sort of “Dave Hill Look” of my own. I tested it out on several different photos and then I created a Lightroom preset for it. I didn’t desaturate the photo really, so it still maintains a lot of its color. You can download the preset (here’s the link), but I want you to keep something in mind: the way the preset works has a lot to do with lighting. I just don’t want everyone getting upset when it doesn’t work on every single photo they have. In order for it to work the way it’s supposed to, you need some hard side lighting or very soft, overall lighting. Otherwise it will look like crap… point blank.

Check out the preset and let me know what you think of it. As I come up with more and more presets of my own, I’ll be putting them up on the blog for your downloading and importing pleasure.


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