Delkin eFilm Pro 8GB SD Card Review

When I bought my D90 I knew that I would need some more storage to accommodate the larger files from the 12.3mp sensor. I looked at a couple of different options for SD cards and I decided to try something new. Until now, I had only used SanDisk or Lexar memory cards and they have always served me well. However, the price of the Delkin eFilm Pro cards were quite attractive.

I purchased mine from B&H Photo, which is where I buy the majority of my gear. That’s actually how I came across the Delkin SD cards in the first place. I paid $19.95 each for the 8GB SD cards. At that price, it was really hard to pass up!

I got the cards and popped one into my D90 as soon as I got it out of the package. One of my main concerns was being able to shoot in Continuous mode with minimal lag. The cards performed flawlessly. My D90 wrote RAW files to the cards quickly as the buffer in the camera filled up.

One 8GB card holds roughly about 541 RAW images, according to the D90’s LCD display. Keep in mind that this can changed based on the amount of data in each image.

I also noted that while shooting HD video with the D90 that the card had no problems at all keeping up with the data the D90 was putting out.

I’ve only been using the cards for about 4 months now and as far as reliability goes the cards have been great. I have had no errors at all while using the cards and I have always been able to flawlessly get my data off the cards and onto my laptop. I don’t connect my D90 via USB cable, but rather I remove the card and insert it into a ExpressCard SD card reader that goes into my laptop. I’ve had no problems at all with the cards and using them with the reader. Some cards don’t work well with card readers made by other manufacturers but the Delkin cards worked great.

If you’re looking for a great memory card solution that won’t break your wallet, then the Delkin eFilm Pro SD cards could be a viable solution for you. Some photographers are brand loyal, but not this guy. If I find a better deal for a product of equal quality then I have no problem making the switch.


2 thoughts on “Delkin eFilm Pro 8GB SD Card Review

  1. Hi,

    I have recently been travelling round europe and took a lot of photos with my Samsung ES63. I also used a Delkin Device eFilm pro 4gb memory card. When i put it into the reader on my computer it simply doesn’t respond and nothing happens. Any ideas how i can resolve this?


    • Hi Joe,

      I haven’t ever come across this problem before. Did you check and make sure that the card wasn’t “locked”? In other words, is the lock slider on the side of the card in the unlocked position? Have you tried another card reader?

      Please let me know and I’ll do my best to help in any way I can.

      All the best,


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