Nikon D90 Quick Tip

Today I have a very quick (and useful) tip for all you D90 shooters out there. It has to do with formating memory cards. Formatting your memory card in your camera can save you a lot of trouble down the road… say while you’re shooting. Not the time to have memory card problems.

First off, you should always format your memory card when you put it back into your camera after downloading your images to your computer. Why? Because simply deleting the images on your card doesn’t zero out your card the same way that formating does. And this goes for all digital cameras too, not just the D90.

The second part of this is how to format your cards faster and easier. Now, this little tip won’t save you TONS of time, but it’s certainly more convenient. The typical way to format your card is to go to the menu and format the card. Kind of clunky if you ask me.

The fast way to format on the D90 is to press and hold the Delete button (Trash Can) and the Metering button at the same time. You will then see “For” flashing in the LCD display on the top of your D90. Briefly press and hold both buttons again and your camera begins to format your memory card. Once “For” stops flashing and the green LED on the back of the camera extinguishes, you’re all done! This “Two Finger Format” also applies to several other cameras from Nikon too.

You’ll now find that formating your memory cards isn’t such a hassle anymore.


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