Photo News Tuesday

It’s time for another round of Photo News Tuesday, a look into what’s happening around the world of photography!

Here’s what’s hot:

  • It looks like Scott Kelby has another volume coming which will add to his already awesome series, The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 3! It’s available for pre-order at Borders and has an estimated release date of June 8th, 2009. I’m anxious to see where else Scott takes us with this book as the first 2 books in the series are a “must have” for anyone interested in digital photography. Here’s the link to it on Borders.
  • If you’ve got an iPhone, Chase Jarvis provides 5 Tips For Better iPhone Photos on his blog. Be sure to check it out! Here’s the link.
  • I’m currently test driving a Zenfolio account to see how I like it. If I do, I plan on using Zenfolio for client proofing and print ordering. Zenfolio uses my favorite lab, Mpix. Expect a full review coming up soon!
  • Digital Photo Pro has a very interesting write-up on photographer George Fulton. George is considered a master of HDR and he’s definitely getting noticed. Interestingly enough, he works mostly in LAB vice RGB when in Photoshop. Here’s the link to the article and here’s the link to George’s website.
  • Those of you who are Lightroom users like I am already know this, but there is a really cool Web export plugin in Lightroom called Airtight Simpleviewer. But did you know that Airtight Simpleviewer is available for free to download and use on your regular website? That’s right, it is and it’s free! Check it out over at Airtight Interactive.
  • And finally I would like to thank David Hobby over at Strobist for linking to my blog in his 2008 End of Year Speedlinks post. There’s some awesome stuff in that post and you’ll be happy you clicked-through. Now I just have to find a way to pay the bandwidth bill that WordPress sent me for the surge in traffic… just kidding.

That’s it for today. I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Photo News Tuesday

  1. Stephen
    Been using Zenfolio since Sept of last year and I’ve found it easy to use. You are limited to how you want your site to look but the simplicity of uploading, displaying and selling ( no credit card for me to deal with) is worth the $100/yr. Interested to find out your experiance.

    • Mike,

      Those were the same types of things that enticed me as well. I looked at SmugMug as well, but I couldn’t see spending an extra $50.00/year when I wouldn’t gain a whole lot for it. Their sites are supposed to by a lot more customizable, but I don’t think you gain a whole lot for the $50.00. Additionally, I LOVE the fact that Zenfolio uses Mpix!

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