Amateur: Not A Bad Title To Have

So, you’re an amateur photographer huh? Don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing, especially not these days. Due to the advent of modern digital camera technology, the playing field is quite a bit more level than it used to be back when film was the only medium.

I recently read an article in the December issue of Shutterbug magazine written by Jack Hollingsworth. He wrote about how it seems to him that he has more and more in common with amateurs than he does with pros. Why? He says that pros spend a lot of time talking about the business of photography as opposed to creating images. What he said really makes sense.

As with any other professional, pro photographers depend on their businesses to put food on their table. Amateurs have day jobs that are their primary source of income so they don’t spend their free time fretting about the next job. Instead they focus on learning, shooting, and honing their skills. Amateurs are passionate, driven, dedicated, and disciplined too. Hollingsworth highlights this in his article. He even goes as far as to say that he feels like he has more in common with amateurs now than he does with his own colleagues. He’s still passionate about his photography and is in love with what he does, just as amateurs are.

So the next time you tell someone you’re an amateur photographer, hold your head high and be proud. There are working pros out there that feel that they would get a lot out of spending some time with you!


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