D90’s High ISO Performance

A few days ago I was out shooting with a buddy of mine. He just bought a D40 and I have spent a couple of days showing him the ropes and trying to help him get up to speed. (I sure hope it helped.) We went into the Church of Immaculate Conception which is in Old Town San Diego. When we entered the church it was dark, with the exception of the pulpit area and where they had the doors open to the church. I had my 16-85mm Nikon VR lens on and I was excited to really give my D90 a low-light test since I didn’t have any fast glass with me. Bear in mind that it was about 4:30 PM and the sun was about to set, so there wasn’t much available light coming in.

Here’s the shot I got inside the church:

I shot at f5.6 1/100th at ISO 1600. This is definitely a useable photo and the D90 does a great job of keeping the noise down and preserving detail in the image, even up to ISO 3200. The D300 doesn’t even do as good of a job as the D90 does. I’m more than impressed.

Now here’s the same shot, but I processed it with Imagenomic’s Noiseware Pro plugin in Photoshop. Noiseware does a great job of getting rid of unwanted noise. It’s the only Photoshop plugin that I have ever purchased and it’s worth every penny.

The high ISO performance of the D90 was one of the reasons that I chose it over the D300. I am very much in love with this camera and although I would like to have the D700 for the full frame sensor and even better high ISO performance, I’m more than overjoyed to shoot with the D90.


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