Review: The “Justin” Clamp

Do you ever wish you had an extra hand when you were shooting? I know I have. There are several occasions where it would have been nice to have an assistant or someone to hold a flash for me. Well, I have an answer to that wish. It’s called the “Justin” Clamp.

I learned about these from Scott Kelby and I recently picked up a couple of them for myself. They are great because you can put them on a lightstand or you can clamp them onto just about anything. They feature a little many ballhead with a flash bracket so you can mount a hot shoe flash on it. Those of us that call ourselves Strobists are used to putting flashes in unusual places and the Justin Clamp does the job really well.

Another great use for them is for using multiple flashes for more light. For example, say you are shooting outside on a sunny day and the ambient is really high. It will be hard to overpower the sun with one flash. You can put a flash on your lightstand and use a Justin Clamp or two clamped onto your lightstand to add another flash or two and still only need one lightstand.

The Justin Clamp is made by Manfrotto and they are made to last. The clamp is an all metal construction and the spring is very strong. You won’t have to worry about it losing it’s grip and having your precious speedlight come crashing down on the ground. They will run you about $50.00 from B&H Photo and they’re well worth it.


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